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concrete conveyors belt

These are conveyors used to transport large quantities of both conventional concrete and RCC (rolled compacted concrete) used mainly in massive works such as dams.

These conveyors must follow in elevation the work as it progresses and must therefore be moved quite frequently.

To reduce the number of conveyors foundations, which will then be dismantled or incorporated into the artefact, they are built with a free span of 50/60 m.

The same conveyors can be mounted with inclinations ranging from -25 ° to + 25 ° to follow the profile of the dam under construction.

ICM supplied these conveyors on two construction sites: 

The GERD dam in Ethiopia with a capacity of 600 mc / h of RCC

The Nam Theun dam in Laos with a capacity of 1,000 mc / h of RCC

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